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French Press

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  1. Bodum Coffee Maker Brazil, 1L

    Bodum Coffee Maker Brazil, 1L
  2. Bodum Chambord Coffee Maker

    Bodum Chambord Coffee Maker
  3. Bodum Kenya Coffee Maker

    Bodum Kenya Coffee Maker 1L Plastic The BODUM coffee press KENYA is a crossroads between tradition and modernity! For those of you who prefer chrome plated steel, the tested coffee press KENYA offers the best way of enjoying a cup of coffee: Easy and quick to use it is THE method if you want to brew coffee right. You will extract the most essential oils of freshly ground coffee, leaving least sediment in your cup! Simply add ground coffee, pour well temperated water, stir, wait 3-4 minutes and by gently depressing the plunger you stop the brewing - a healing during hectic days! Drinking handmade coffee does no longer belong to the past but is a luxury of the future: We designed an entertaining coffee press with a frame entirely made of chrome plated steel. The plastic handle and the base are protecting the user and any surface from damage through heat. The coffee press KENYA will immerse you into the contrasting world of tasting, smelling and savoring the full flavor profile of coffee! BRAND: Bodum
  4. Eileen Coffee Maker

    Eileen Coffee Maker 0.35L Bodum Eileen Coffee Maker is just what you need to make coffee that has a fresh, rich and distinct taste. Its stainless steel filters allow all the natural oils and flavours of coffee beans into your cup. With a classy stainless steel frame that protects the borosilicate beaker and a round handle that offers secure grip, the Eileen French Press is real classy to look at and comfortable to use. Perfect for those who worship freshly brewed coffee, this French Press lets you enjoy your coffee at its best. BRAND: Bodum Material: Glass beaker - borosilicate, Frame - stainless steel, Handle - polypropylene (PA) Capacity Available: 0.35L, 0.5L, 1L Number of cups per Capacity: 0.35L - 3 cups, 0.5L - 4 cups, 1L - 8 cups Dimensions: The details for each capacity are given below: Depth : 8 (cm) Width : 13 (cm) Height : 15.8 (cm)
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4 Item(s)