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Yes, Cafena has both organic and Fair Trade mark.
Yes it does. You can safely buy with the expectation of an equally good Lungo or Espresso, as you are used to. Of course, there may be differences due to roasting and coffee types.
To perfectly preserve the intensity and aromas of espresso, you are advised to use one of the Lungo varieties that we offer. Recommended consumption of between 80 and 110 ml.
To ensure that the intensity and aroma are perfectly preserved, you are advised to use the capsules within one month of opening the protective film. If the film is not opened, the capsules can be kept until the best-before date shown on the packaging: 12 months after manufacture.
Whatever your model, you are advised to warm your cup before pouring your espresso. Some machines have a cup-warmer but most do not. To warm the cup, fill it with hot water from the machine before you make your coffee. Your machine is now ready to make an excellent espresso at the perfect temperature.
Yes, a kind of "pop" sound can be heard, which shows you that internal pressure has reached the right level to make an espresso of the highest quality. This noise is completely normal.
Yes, most coffee capsules are made of polyethylene results in less environmental impact than coffee capsules made of aluminum. This is because polyethylene can easily be burned and only develops CO2 and water. Aluminum on the other hand is much more harmful to the environment.
Yes, Nespressos® patented coffee capsule expired in April 2012 after having been in force for 20 years. This is the general limitation of such patents.
Yes, Nespressos® patented coffee capsule expired in April 2012 after having been in force for 20 years. This is the general limitation of such patents.
Yes, that is completely normal. Our capsules are made from biodegradable materials; therefore closing the lever may require a little more effort. When cold, plant-based materials respond to strain in a completely different way to conventional materials. It is advised, as below, to run a half-cup of hot water through the machine before use.
Yes, that is completely normal. Because of the finely-ground coffee used, a proper espresso should finish "drop by drop" - this is a sign of quality and good extraction. Stop the coffee flowing when it reaches the two-thirds level in a conventional espresso cup.
Yes, that is completely normal. Unlike other espresso capsules, the Cafena capsule follows the principles of Italian espresso-making which takes 25 to 30 seconds to flow out. Slow extraction is a hallmark of quality.
To ensure the quality of our coffee, you are advised to prepare your espresso using a small 40 ml Italian-style cup. An optimal outcome is achieved after a 25 to 30 second extraction.
You can dispose of used capsules in your organic waste bins or household bin.
Water quality is vital to a good espresso. Neutral water is preferred. As part of its sustainable development policy, the Cafena recommends filtered water. However, your machine may require more frequent servicing if your local area has particularly hard water as is advised by the manufacturer of your machine in the instruction manual. You are also advised to change the water in your machine's water tank at regular intervals.
CAFENA coffee capsules are produced in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Germany to the highest European standards for food production.
All of the single origins are equal. Just depends on your tastes. They each have their own flavor profile. Many people prefer our Papua New Guinea coffee (Light or Medium) or even our Peru Coffee (Light or Dark) in their auto-drip machines.
Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines. Coffee and Tea capsules from CAFENA suit all types Nespresso® machines. There are the following types and models: Citiz ®, D Model®, Pixie®, Essenza®, Lattissima®, Maestria ®, Inissia®. To a large degree, the quality of an espresso depends on the machine used. It is therefore vital to service the machine regularly.